St Pancras International – The Station Sessions

I’m not one for travelling up to London much these days, either for a day out or a gig. I can’t be bothered with a late night journey home on a train after a concert, also during the weekdays if you go for a day trip you are restricted with leaving the station by 4pm or have to hang around until after 7pm. However a day drip might soon be on the cards, especially if it’s on a Thursday.

In June 2010 some clever people decided to hold live music sessions at St Pancras International Station (which is worth a visit in it’s own right). After a short summer recess in August the sessions are back again during September and October and will be held every Thursday from 6pm to 7pm and the stage will be set up in the space between the Eurostar platforms, the Betjeman Arms Pub and Carluccio’s restaurant.  just look for the station clock and the giant statue of the lovers, if you can’t find that then follow the music.

There are already over 100 videos on their You Tube Channel and check out their web site and like them Facebook for the up and coming events. It might just be worth getting stuck in London for once.

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