The Darling Mundaring

I’ve long thought there is far too much talent coming out of Bedford, whether it is music, art or film and surely it will all dry up one day . . . . Well I guess not quite yet because what should pop up on Definition Films (some talented people from Bedford) Facebook page a new video from Bedfordshire based duo The Darling Mundaring, a name new to me and having only started in May 2011 possibly to others too. The video was filmed in and around Bedfordshire, in fact I think I’ve walked through both the locations in the past few weeks. I missed my opportunity in seeing this duo at Esquires last week so I will have to look out for them playing again. Crystal Alice and Kevin Deverick are currently in the process of recording their first EP but if you ‘Like’ them on their Facebook page and then share the fact, you get a free download of the track Ever So

UPDATE – The Darling Mundaring are due to play Esquires in Bedford – Holy Moly’s Bar on Thursday 24th November, so check them out there too.

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