Karine Polwart new DVD and tour

A lovely taster video here for the new DVD released today (31st October) from Scottish singer Karine Polwart and her song Sorry.

I first came into contact with Karine in about 2004 when she played support at The Stables for, if I remember correctly a singer called Rob Reynolds and his band, who I was advised I should check out. The turn out was rather small, mainly fans and friends of Rob’s, who is predominately a soul / rock signer. The choice of support was probably a major miss-match but I do remember warming to Karine early on and the audience were soon won over by this lass playing solo, telling a few stories in a broad Scottish accent and her whimsical song about a Gas Fitter. There may have been a small uptake on purchasing her then debut CD, Faultlines but I know I did give it a miss at the time, opting to borrow my mates to give it a quick listen, but was so blown away by it on first listen I just had to buy a copy, even costing me £5 more from the local HMV, than if I brought it on the night.

Now seven years on I’ve lost count how many times I have seen Karine play live. Thankfully she packs out The Stables in her own right now and probably will do again on 22nd November, also a regular visitor to Hitchin Folk Club and I have my ticket for this sold out show on 13th November, always someone worth seeing.

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