The Young’uns – Hitchin Folk Club

Last night was a regular trip to Hitchin Folk Club to see Megson, the locally based duo originally from the north east. After getting over the shock that they left Moog the dog at home and deciding on the occasion I wouldn’t demand a full refund I settled down, well standing at the back is settled to me, to watch the support for the evening The Young’uns who also stem from the north east, though this time Hartlepool. Three chaps, Sean Cooney, David Eagle and Michael Hughes and his tweed jacket. From the outset you could tell there would be a lot of funny and entertaining banter, especially from David and the first few songs were either self penned acapella song or the odd cover thrown in. The audience warmed to them quickly and the confidence belied the fact this was the first time they’d played here, though I doubt it will be their last. In fact even the ever popular Megson had to admit this would be a hard act to follow. The Young’uns ended their set with what they described as a classic traditional tune from Manchester, I was gearing up for “Manchester Rambler” an unusual song to finish on I guess, but instead we were treated to a rousing performance of the James hit “Sit Down”, though if the Hitchin audience could get up out of the tightly packed chairs they would have shown their appreciation for this excellent set by standing up. I think we might be hearing more from this trio.

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