Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

It’s now December so I’ve sure all we will hear from here on in is Christmas Songs, Slade, Mud and Cliff Richard to name a few. So I’m not adverse to a few seasonal tunes myself and every year in the past, when driving to work, I had to get out the Christmas CD, mainly to please my friend who insisted on playing it from about December 1st. Thankfully I did throw in a few surprises, which may not have gone down too well but I believe I might have got away with it, though it is of course possible this was a factor as to why I lost my job just before Christmas 2010.

One such gem was Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal. Like a lot of people I really know what this song is about, maybe just a collection of words that flow well with their mesmerising harmonies, and no reference to Christmas just about walking in the snow, but it fits into a winter theme so it’ll do for me.

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