Eliza Shaddad – The Station Sessions and EP

So the sun was out yesterday and for me a trip to London was on the cards, I’ve not really been up to the smoke for over a year so I thought I would put the tourist hat on rather than trawl around the shop, well I’ve not got the money to spend either. The other reason to go was to check out The Station Sessions I’ve mentioned before and seeing that Eliza Shaddad a Scottish and Sudanese singer-songwriter, based in London,was due to play, it’s¬† a good enough excuse to hang around and catch the later train home.

I’ve seen Eliza before as she’s a frequent visitor to Bedford Live events at Esquires in Bedford, but this would also be the first time to get hold of her first 4! track EP. Playing in the busy concourse at St Pancras International Station, with all the usual noise and bustle and Tanoy announcements of rush hour traffic, you would have thought would be off putting, but not for Eliza who carried on regardless as if oblivious to what was around, though still engaging with the crowd that slowly gathered happy to delay there journey home, just to stop and listen for half an hour and looking at people buying the EP at the end of her set they clearly wanted to take a piece of her home too.

A stroke of genius to place a music stage, at rush hour, in a International rail terminus, let’s hope this helps spread the word of some of the great unsigned music that is available and look out for Eliza’s video session amoung many found on their site.

So check out Eliza if you can, she’s a regular at The Gallery Bar in West Hampstead (singing of course) and track down the CD or download it via her Bandcamp page, it is rather good.

There is a video for one of the tracks A Good Man which was filmed and edited all on a mobile phone by Eliza and follows her recent trip to¬†Scandinavia – it’s really clever what you can do now.

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