Jess Morgan – All Swell

I really wish I’d made notes of all the singers, bands, artists I’d seen over the years, both main and support. It’s only now I realise that I’m beginning to forget (well at least I remember I’m beginning to forget) A friend made a valid suggestion to me, he said always write the name of the support on your ticket, that way you’ve always got a note of them . . . . the only problem with that is, I forget to take a pen! Now here is one name I’ve not forgotten, Jess Morgan.

Jess is based out of East Anglia but really enjoys her visits to Bedfordshire, where she has a small but perfectly formed following. I first heard of her on an online radio station and then was surprised to see she was playing in Bedford that same night, but I’d already booked for another gig. The next opportunity was as an opening act for Eileen Rose at Danny’s Bar of The Esquires again in Bedford. There she played a far too short set of only three songs and left me wanting to hear more, but as I mentioned she keeps getting invited back to Bedford so now I get all the chances in the world Her first CD Crosses, a 4 track EP, received some critical acclaim and was a taster to what would be her full length CD. All Swell was recorded in Norway along with a few local musicians, who’s subtle accompaniment add to Jess’s emotive vocals and guitar playing without overpowering them. Lovers of a strong lyric will also be drawn to this album as Jess doesn’t hold back, though she can throw in a good hook that makes you want to tap your feet, try Pamela, the story of a war veteran but with an upbeat tune. This is another side to her writing, Jess can tell a good story Other stand out track include Let It Come, Onyx and Crosses though the whole collection blends together the British acoustic folk scene and Americana.

You can imagine a few good friends sitting in a pub around an open fire, with a pint of beer in your hand while listening to Jess pour out her soul. And this is what you get when seeing Jess playing live, an approachable, friendly and confident performance that belies theĀ  nature of some of her writing.

Check out her website for her tour details and make sure you check her out, she’s worth travelling to see.

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