So why no activity

It’s been some time since I’ve added to this site and you may be wondering why? Well it’s nothing sinister just lack of time.

The original reason for putting this site together was to remind me of all the music I could potentially see in my area. This was fine when I was working full time I would be out nearly every other night, at a venue.

Then at the end of August 2010 I along with 6 other colleagues, was made redundant from (I won’t even bother to name the company) I personally had worked there for 32 years. This was a company I felt proud to work for so it came as a great shock to me, especially the manner and poor treatment we were given at the time, then the subsequent lies and accusations aimed at us when we were no longer there to defend our names. It was made even worse when after 3 months they re-established the department (in all but name) they said they needed to close.

During this enforced break and a down turn of employment within the photographic trade, I had to re-evaluate the type of work I could achieve, so mixing my love of Photography, Live music, Heritage, Landscape and Gardens, I have aimed to go it alone, having taken images at many festivals and live venues, while also finding some work with The National Trust, utilizing my background within Customer Service. The added bonus here is being in the surrounding of some outstanding landscape and amazing gardens.

So although I have curtailed the blogging about live music I have still tried to keep the gig listing up to date so make sure you support your local venue and live music and who knows you might catch me down the front with my camera in my hand . . . . . and I’ll try not to get in your way.

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