I Draw Slow – Video

In the good old days, when Myspace was the only social network site BF (before Facebook) it used to be great to see if you could discover some new music you’d never heard before. Admittedly you may have to go through hundreds of personal pages of sad individuals who wanted to be your friend or they seemed to be so weird you know they should never be let out in public, but fortunately among these were some gems of music.

One such gem I stumbled upon that shone quite brightly for me was a group called I Draw Slow who play a mix of alt-country, old-time folk / roots, though this five piece band from Dublin have created a new sound, rooted in the old-time style of the Appalachian Mountains while drawing on Irish traditional music and modern Americana.

Currently in the throes of recording their second album, Red Hills , due out in February 2011, their previous CD Downside is still worth a listen, with stand out tracks like, Santiago and the glorious, Lighthouse Daughter, telling its story of a women who dies at the hands of her husband because of her love of the lighthouse keepers daughter. You can hear these tracks still on their Myspace site.

I’m not sure if there is any intention to tour the UK or whether they are happy with what they are doing in Ireland, but I still live in hope. In the meantime check out their great video Swans, which was recorded live and is a track from the new CD

recorded live on a hill in south dublin in one take with 5 microphones, directed by Hugh O’Conor, shot by Ivan McCullough, sound recorded by Hugh Fox, Boom Operator Louis Trussell, Sound mixed by Steve Fanagan, Post production by the Element.

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