The down side of 2010 – not musically

I mentioned that there was some deep lows for me in 2010 and I was hoping to keep this blog to my love of Live music and to take me away from the traumas of the last few months, but sometimes you have to think to yourself, what’s the use of a blog if you don’t let people know how you feel. My only regret is that I did not blog everything as it happened, though I did note it down for future reference.

All I can say at the moments is that at the end of August 2010 I was told my job was redundant and from a company that I had loved working for, for over 30 years and at the time it did appear that I along with 6 other people lost our jobs on the whim of one person, despite being told it was for economic reasons.

I had a traumatic few months still working for this company and had to face insults and accusations, being asked to train people to use a computer system because nobody else knew how to use it, then being totally ignored by the powers that be, not one single recognition of my very long and exemplary service. I was also hearing that even after I had gone I was being blamed by other people close to the person in charge, for all the failing of the department concerned, despite there never being any question of my performance over the past 30 years. Now three and a half months later, while I still search for a job I stumble across a jobs web site who are advertising what appear to be my original role, in all but name.

How in this day and age can someone or a company be allowed to treat anybody the way we were treated at the time of our redundancy and get away with it. How can legislation allow for any company to pay people off with a bare minimum package that nowhere reflect their current earnings ( Direct Gov figures suggest £380 per month for each year you have worked for a company up to a maximum of 20 years, or though we were offered a bit more to stay on) and then three months later allow that company to re-advertise the same job.

Clearly legislation in the UK needs to be more in favour for the work force than the employer and the ease at which they get rid of people, with unemployment  in the UK over 2.5 million and rising companies should be encouraged to keep staff on and actively discourage the ease at which they can remove staff, a large financial penalty could help, so our case could be a good example of how not to treat people in the workplace.

To this day I’m not sure what wrong I have done, is it how I look or the lack of hair, maybe for not saying yes and agreeing with every decision however farcical, I did notice their current job application does insist on including an up to date photograph with the CV, helps them narrow things down a bit I guess.

I’d hoped not to keep this bitterness going into 2011 but somehow I think this might stay for some time.

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