The Decemberists, ‘The King Is Dead’ – First listen

Here is another First Listen from NPR - The Decemberists, ‘The King Is Dead’ and you only have until 18th January to try it out. (Audio now expired)

From Portland Oregan The Decemberists lead man Colin Meloy has often written songs with a distinct nod to the British Folk tradition that he’s long admired and after the rich story telling and excesses of their last “rock opera” “The Hazards of Love” Meloy turns this all around and bring the band back to focus more on the American roots music. Help is on hand from Peter Buck (R.E.M) and Gillian Welch who appears on most of the 10 tracks, but more in a supportive backing vocalist than lead or duet,  though her tone is clearly noticeable throughout. Running a little over 40 minutes this album it’s not over long but for me is a stayed and will probably be on repeat in the car. Listen to it now though it will be a definite purchase on its release.

And now an old favourite video

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