Gerry Rafferty – 16 April 1947 – 4 January 2011

Very sad new to hear that Gerry Raffery one of the finest singer songwriters has passed away. Always synonymous with the classic track Baker Street, which has reputedly earned him £80,000 a year in royalties, as well as his earlier single, Stuck in the middle with you, as part of the duo Stealers Wheel with Joe Egan and graphically used to great effect in Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 film Reservoir Dogs . Though it would be in the late 70′s early 80′s he would make his mark with the albums City to City and then Night Owl and a string of singles. And although the albums kept coming, including one of my personal favourite Sleepwalking, it would be alcohol that would get the better of him. He even went through stages, his wife Carla recalled, turning down work with the likes of Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney because he thought they weren’t good enough, to hide the fact he could not sit down with “Superstars” without a drink or 5 in him.

It’s sad to read that in the end he was a very troubled man with a troubled past and can be read in this Guardian obituary

Still he leaves a legacy of some great music and an all time classic in Baker Street.


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