Tingewick is the new London

As you may have gathered I help out at Empty Rooms Promotions in Buckingham on a voluntary basis. Simply keeping the web site up to date, arranging the chairs, greeting the audience, helping on the merchandise desk, designing posters and flyers and generally making the gigs known as best I can around the internet.

A couple of years ago it was necessary to find a new venue to put and the thought was to find a suitable hall. There was a nice scout hut in the Village of Tingewick, just outside Buckingham that suited our needs, but there was always the thought that the word village hall wouldn’t look right in the context of rock music. Well we need not have worried as it didn’t take long for bands and audiences to warm to the venue and we can truly say there have been some great nights of music in this room. Possibly the biggest endorsement of the venue came last summer when Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express finished their UK tour here. Due to their popularity it was thought that a bigger venue should be sort, but Chuck insisted that he wanted to play here, as in his own words “this is the sort of place that Buddy Holly would have played” so it was suggested we do two shows on one day, a matinĂ©e and a late evening show. This would be a first for us and we were not sure what the response would be, thankfully it was very good. Despite this also being one of the hottest days of the year for the early show we welcomed a new audience of young families and children who don’t find it easy to get to shows in the evening. This was also the gig where Chuck declared that “Tingewick is now the new London, which can be heard on the video below which also demonstrates that a village hall can make a great rock venue. Do you know what, we too are beginning to believe that Tingewick is a rival to London.


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