Country Ways Free Digital Sampler

They say you don’t get anything in this world for nowt, but fortunately that isn’t always true. How do you fancy 31 Americana / Country tracks for nothing, zero, zilch, free? Well you can if you are one of the 25,000 people to download the CMT Country Ways Sampler, courtesy of American Songwriter Magazine. All you need to do is give them you e-mail address to subscribe to the magazine (this is why it’s always nice to have that spare online e-mail address for those free offers) and you will be sent a link. There are songs from Justin Townes Earle, Caitlin Rose, Hayes Carll, Matraca Berg, Sunny Sweeney, Middle Brothers, Diana Jones, Buddy Miller, Steve Earle and many more names, you can also sample all the tracks in full before downloading. Go on treat your ipod to something different, who know you both might discover something new

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