Autograph Book of music

What a fantastic idea, a book full of fabulous photographs of musicians, each on a separate page so you can collect their autograph and keep forever. And flicking through the 38 high quality pages I can see most of the artists are quiet accessible, though a few might pose a challenge, with people like, Richard Thompson, Martin Simpson, Jon Boden, Seth Lakeman, Kris Drever, Steve Knightley, Jim Causley, Chris Wood, Andy Cutting, Emily Smith, Matin Carthy and 50 more, here is your chance to meet the singers and listen to some great music at the same time. I am sure that in years to come once you’ve got the complete set the value of this book will increase ten fold and be a star turn on the Antiques Roadshow of the future . . . . . a better investment than an ISA. A preview of the book and the purchase price can be found here

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