US group “Vetiver” open UK tour in Bedford on 25th June

The great thing about the live music in the surrounding area is, there is so much of it and I confess I’ve not always heard of those artists playing, though I’m happy to take recommendations. Vetiver  are one of those bands that have possibly passed me by, though I am suitably informed that I shouldn’t miss them.

All I know is they are a 5 piece band from San Francisco and have been around since 2004. There music is classed as folk / Americana and their 5th and current CD “The Errant Charm” was released on 13th June this year, which a recent BBC review said “The ideal album to soundtrack wistful contemplation on balmy summer days.” This album the also describe as a mix of Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac to senses of Velvet Underground.

I guess I will know more after next weekend as the band are due to open their UK tour in Bedford on Saturday 25th June and another gig promoted by one of American’s finest  East West Promotions  and the term, this is a gig not to be missed is often over used, so although this recommendation is actually 2nd hand one I get a gut feeling you will be disappointed if you are not there.

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