Songs from the Shed

It’s not often you can get excited about sheds by when one in a back garden in Somerset is host to some great musical sessions and then goes on to win Shed of the year 2011 people will stand up and look and listen. Not that they haven’t been listening already, becoming a You Tube video cult, for this is the home of Songs from The Shed a simple idea, born over a few pints of cider by a group of friends with a love of Cheese and Cider, at one of their regular meetings in the pub. When it was decided to get a few musicians for one of their next meeting The Cheese and Cider┬ásociety was soon dropped and Songs From The Shed was born.

There is no specific genre of music played here just a simple rule, it’s all acoustic and nothing plugged in. Even the camera used to record the sessions is a simple pocket digital camera, hand held and no attempt to correct for the varied lighting found inside, the emphasis is on the music and the performance and at the time of writing there have been over 110 sessions played. From relatively unknown artists, those starting out, to the likes of Steve Knightley for Show of Hands, David Rotheray from Beautiful South and they’ve even managed to get Fairport Convention in there, and it’s no wonder that artists are queuing up to play a sessions here.

Check them out and like them on Facebook I can think of nothing better coming through on my News Feed each week. Right I wonder what I can do with that old Andersen Shelter down the bottom of our garden.

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