About this site

I only started looking into blogging when I realised this technology was passing me by. With no Facebook or Twitter account either I thought I should give it a go and sign up. That was a few months ago and until now it all remained blank, just like the expression on my face when I thought this was too daunting for me. Then I suddenly had a eureka moment and it all started falling into place.

OK the truth is I’d had so many other things to do I didn’t find the time, but within a few days I managed to post a couple of mutterings, I also set up a Facebook account but I’m still not a twit yet.

So my intention is to talk about the things I really like, music and live music in general and what you can see in the area I live in the UK, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire.

I also maintain a site of my images at www.djhimaging.co.uk and videos www.youtube.com/djhlivemusic as well as help with the promotion at a live music venue in Buckingham www.empty-rooms.com


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