Songkick is an online site and a great way of listing live concerts and festival, there is also a very handy free iPhone app too. The idea is for Bands Venues and individuals to sign up and publicise their events which can then be shared by everyone. Most events are added automatically as Songkicks software trawls and shares information with online ticket sites, Myspace, Artist Data areas etc – though by it’s nature you should always confirm the accuracy of the information and if the events are still going ahead before venturing out. Also remember the information is far from complete as a lot of venues have their own online ticket sales that Songkick can not access, The Stables is a case in point, but you may find a lot of gigs not readily publicised. So the reliance for the information is the band of users and subcribers to do the work.

At present I am still struggling to understand the complexity of code and how best to use the data available. So on the pages from the drop down list (covering Bedford, Cambridge, Luton, Milton Keynes and Northampton areas) and (covering London, Chelmsford, Coventry, Oxford and Reading) is a selection of gigs by geographical area that may be of interest. if you click on the see all concert link this will take you directly to Songkicks own site and show you all the gigs listed in the chosen area, unfortunately this will also take you away from my site so you might have to re trace your steps back to see the other listings.

* TIP If you hover over the see all concert link or the Artists link and RIGHT click your mouse, you will get a drop down option to open in New Tab (if your browser is Tab compatible) or in New Window, that way my site is still active and easy to get back to.

* TIP I have also found that sometimes the various lists do not load and you may see an error message, though refreshing the page (F5) seems to correct ths – don’t ask me why?

I’m sure you will find this useful and why not sign up to Songkick and add those gigs not already listed, it will save me a lot of time doing it

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