Lana Del Ray – Video Games

OK hands up I really don’t know where this comes from Lana Del Ray and her single Video Game keeps popping up on BBC Radio 2, as it is playing in the background for some reason I keep thinking back to when I first heard Laurie Anderson and Oh Superman i.e. I’m not sure I should like it but it keeps me hooked. So the same goes hear, this song has also been covered by Bombay Bicycle Club and Kasabian and clearly Lana’s first live appearance on Later with Jools Holland has helped boost the interest. We’ll have to wait and see if this is a one hit wonder.

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Juan Zelada – Blues Remain, tour

Juan Zelada is  a BBC Radio 2 favourite, who’s first single Breakfast in Spitalfields was Record of the Week and spent 6 weeks on the playlist during the summer, released his second single The Blues Remain on 31st October which has already gain a lot of airplay. Juan left his native Spain, literally with only he guitar on his back and travelled to London to ply his musical trade. Making a name for himself as he played in bars and restaurants to then tour with the late Amy Winehouse and join writing session with members of Duran Duran.

Now with an album soon to be released this multi talented pianist, guitarist and singer will be moving from his residency at The Troubadour in Earls Court to a 20 date tour of UK and is due to stop of at The Stables in Wavendon on 7th December, though only in Stage 2, this could be your first and only time to see him play in such a small venue, so best not delay getting a ticket.

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Karine Polwart new DVD and tour

A lovely taster video here for the new DVD released today (31st October) from Scottish singer Karine Polwart and her song Sorry.

I first came into contact with Karine in about 2004 when she played support at The Stables for, if I remember correctly a singer called Rob Reynolds and his band, who I was advised I should check out. The turn out was rather small, mainly fans and friends of Rob’s, who is predominately a soul / rock signer. The choice of support was probably a major miss-match but I do remember warming to Karine early on and the audience were soon won over by this lass playing solo, telling a few stories in a broad Scottish accent and her whimsical song about a Gas Fitter. There may have been a small uptake on purchasing her then debut CD, Faultlines but I know I did give it a miss at the time, opting to borrow my mates to give it a quick listen, but was so blown away by it on first listen I just had to buy a copy, even costing me £5 more from the local HMV, than if I brought it on the night.

Now seven years on I’ve lost count how many times I have seen Karine play live. Thankfully she packs out The Stables in her own right now and probably will do again on 22nd November, also a regular visitor to Hitchin Folk Club and I have my ticket for this sold out show on 13th November, always someone worth seeing.

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The Darling Mundaring

I’ve long thought there is far too much talent coming out of Bedford, whether it is music, art or film and surely it will all dry up one day . . . . Well I guess not quite yet because what should pop up on Definition Films (some talented people from Bedford) Facebook page a new video from Bedfordshire based duo The Darling Mundaring, a name new to me and having only started in May 2011 possibly to others too. The video was filmed in and around Bedfordshire, in fact I think I’ve walked through both the locations in the past few weeks. I missed my opportunity in seeing this duo at Esquires last week so I will have to look out for them playing again. Crystal Alice and Kevin Deverick are currently in the process of recording their first EP but if you ‘Like’ them on their Facebook page and then share the fact, you get a free download of the track Ever So

UPDATE – The Darling Mundaring are due to play Esquires in Bedford – Holy Moly’s Bar on Thursday 24th November, so check them out there too.

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Sarah Jarosz – Transatlantic Sessions

At the moment, we south of the Scottish border don’t get the chance to see Transatlantic Session series 5, unless you remember to look at BBC4 iPlayer online, which I keep forgetting. Hopefully we will get the chance once is shown on BBC4 in the rest of the UK, but some clips are already appearing on You Tube and this rather special one came straight to my attention, the lovely Sarah Jarosz joined on her song Runaway by Jerry Douglas on dobro, the ever relaxed Danny Thompson on upright bass and the sublime (am I running out of superlatives) Alison Krauss on fiddle and backing vocals, what other reason do you need to look out for the tv series to arrive

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Update 29th October . . . or lack of

Oh sorry for the lack of updates here, I’ve been tidying up my photographic site and trying add more photo’s I’ve also been kept busy on other projects as well as trying to gain further employment, ok only a couple of enquiries this month and no replies, maybe I should enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

I have been adding to the gig calendar with a big update from The Stables in Wavendon, one good one I’d like to tell you about but I want to make sure I get my ticket first. You may see to the right I’ve added a list of gigs coming up in the next few weeks, this is not a complete list of course just those I think might be of interested . . . well to me at least

You might find I will just add the odd video here from time to time, especially if it catches my eye or I think deserves further investigation, well it’s my blog so I guess I can do as I wish :-)

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The Young’uns – Hitchin Folk Club

Last night was a regular trip to Hitchin Folk Club to see Megson, the locally based duo originally from the north east. After getting over the shock that they left Moog the dog at home and deciding on the occasion I wouldn’t demand a full refund I settled down, well standing at the back is settled to me, to watch the support for the evening The Young’uns who also stem from the north east, though this time Hartlepool. Three chaps, Sean Cooney, David Eagle and Michael Hughes and his tweed jacket. From the outset you could tell there would be a lot of funny and entertaining banter, especially from David and the first few songs were either self penned acapella song or the odd cover thrown in. The audience warmed to them quickly and the confidence belied the fact this was the first time they’d played here, though I doubt it will be their last. In fact even the ever popular Megson had to admit this would be a hard act to follow. The Young’uns ended their set with what they described as a classic traditional tune from Manchester, I was gearing up for “Manchester Rambler” an unusual song to finish on I guess, but instead we were treated to a rousing performance of the James hit “Sit Down”, though if the Hitchin audience could get up out of the tightly packed chairs they would have shown their appreciation for this excellent set by standing up. I think we might be hearing more from this trio.

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My passions is “live” music, I’ve dedicated the this site to publicise some live music found in my area, basically the Home Counties. OK it’s actually here to remind me what music is on and I will be the first to admit it is far from complete and is selective for my tastes. There is so much opportunity in this area to locate live music you have no excuse to find a venue that suits your own choice, but hopefully my listing might help other like minded music fans.

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Joe Pug “How Good You Are”

This song keeps popping up on the iPod and has one of my favourite opening line “I was born into a circus but I ran off to join a home” but I have to confess I know very little about the American born singer Joe Pug, only what I’ve read on his web site, though there is an opportunity to hear his album and EP in full there, so will have to investigate more.

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Concert Calendar updated

I’ve just added a few more gigs to my calendar as well as add the first four months of 2012, all I can say is, where the hell has this year gone. I always seem to be so busy with one thing or another and with my stint at caring too.

I have to apologise for the less than frequent updates here, I do keep meaning to add things but with my continual current circumstances, the tough times leading to going to less gigs, I guess my personal desire to shout about live music are waning a bit. I’ll do my best to add a bit more of things I find along the way.

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